Septiembre 2011 General

“Escudero Promoters”, in an effort to provide its customers access to information about their products, and as part of its new communication strategy, has strongly opted for the use of QR Codes.

QR codes ("Quick Response" Barcode) are increasingly present in our society. The common use of Smartphones that incorporate QR code-reading software is contributing to this fact.

QR codes are a type of two-dimensional bar codes created in Japan in 1994, and originally were developed with the main purpose of its use in the automotive industry. However, the use of QR codes have been significantly popular in many other countries like the U.S. and Canada, and their proliferation is also beginning to spread throughout Europe. Companies as important as Facebook, Google, BBC, The Washington Post, HBO, Fox, Calvin Klein, etc., are already using these codes.



Unlike a conventional bar code, information is encoded within a square, allowing to store large amount of alphanumeric information. QR codes are easily identifiable by its square shape and the three boxes located in the upper and lower left corners.


To access the information through a QR code you just have to open the bar code reader on your Smartphone and aim the camera at the QR code. In a few seconds, the screen will display the information, without having to write or speak.


If your Smartphone does not have the appropriate software, you can easily download it through your mobile operator.

“Escudero Promoters” encourages you to install a QR Code-reader on your Smartphone and check for yourself its many advantages.

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