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The Paramount project investment will reach 1,094 million Euros

A complex next to the park will feature office buildings, a shopping and leisure area, seven hotels and a casino. (Promotional video at the bottom of this article)

The Paramount theme park, planned in Alhama de Murcia, will reach an investment of almost 1,094 million Euros, and it“s expected to be visited by more than three million people each year, as announced today in Madrid by Jesus Samper, president of developing company “Proyectos Emblemáticos Murcianos”.

The park, Paramount's first one in Europe, will occupy an area of
““550,000 square meters and be located in an integral complex of leisure and business that have a total area of ““one million square meters.It will have thirty attractions, spread throughout four thematic areas and will include two hotels.

the attractions shines the “Ciudad de la Aventura” (City of Adventure), which replicates a virtual world in 4D, and replicas of the stages of the movieTitanic” and the Wild West.

The park is promoted by Premursa” (Proyectos Emblemáticos Murcianos), whose members are Santa Monica Financial Services, with 80% of the shares, “Murcia Turística”, with 10%, and “Instituto de Fomento de la Region de Murcia”, with the remaining 10%.

Adjacent to the park, “Premursa” plans to build the “Life Style Centre” complex, which will include office buildings, auditorium, convention and exhibition hall, a shopping and entertainment area with restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, and up to seven hotels of three, four and five stars, plus a casino.

During the presentation of the project, the Murcia Region President, Mr. Valcárcel, said the government of Murcia "is a serious partner, because the regional government operates at all times with the utmost seriousness and administrative strictness."

emphasized that the Government of the Region of Murcia "believed from beginning on the Paramount project,  not only because it“s a great project, but also because it is a development that fits within the new model of Region, and responds with solvency to all requirements of this new model of Region. Mr.Valcárcel added that “the Murcia government shows speed in the paperwork and is used to maintain contacts with multinationals arriving in the region willing to work with a serious government that meets one hundred percent. "


Mr. Valcárcel explained that this project will be the first recreation area that arises in Spain"as a destination in itself and not in addition to any other offer", and emphasizedthat "we have a different leisure complex, capable of transforming the tourism model in the Region of Murcia ".

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